• I will continue to work with the 12 municipalities and the Region of Niagara to readdress the governance we represent - to reduce duplication, simplify administration, and unify water and waste water systems, tax billing, emergency services, etc.
  • I will work with community services, Niagara Region Housing and the private sector to develop new affordable housing and shelter for the homeless.
  • I will continue my strong sense of fiduciary responsibility to ensure that money is spent wisely with long-range planning.
  • I will ensure that the inter-municipal transit system creates easy and affordable transportation within the region and connects to Ontario's GoTrain/Metro-Linx system.
  • We need to work diligently to attract new business and employment opportunities to Niagara.
  • I want to be part of the future and to serve our citizens, staff and fellow councilors with integrity, respect and honesty.